Why Use The Wacasey Equation?

As open enrollment continues, millions will have to balance their needs against their bank accounts in a quest for the best health insurance plan. The Wacasey Equation helps turn this difficult decision into an easy one, and during the 8th radio show and podcast of Healthcareonomics, I show you how.

It couldn’t be simpler. Just enter a couple of easily found numbers – the monthly premium and annual out-of-pocket maximum – from any health insurance policy. Add those up, and you get the true value of any health insurance policy: what you might spend on health insurance and health care for a given year.

Think Gold is always the best health insurance? Use the formula to compare plans, and I’ll bet you won’t believe how much less, can really mean more.

Check out my radio show Healthcareonomics that airs every Sunday at 4 p.m. on 570 KLIF in Dallas, Texas. Or you can download the podcast here and on iTunes.

Remember, It’s not the COSTS of healthcare that are outrageous…it’s the CHARGES.



Physician. Health Insurance Agent. Author. Health care humorist. Medical satirist. Disruptor. At your service. My name is Kevin Wacasey, and I’ve been practicing medicine since 1994. When I graduated from medical school, I took an oath to do no harm to my patients. To me, that includes financial harm. But since health insurance took over health care over 40 years ago, health care prices have skyrocketed. And despite what we’re told by the media every day, it isn’t the costs of health care that are outrageous; it’s the charges. So if you’ve ever wondered why we spend so much on health insurance and health care, then come along and join me as I explore the crazy world of Healthcareonomics. Health care doesn’t have to be expensive. Let me show you how. For speaking opportunities and to pass along your questions/comments, please email me at drw@healthcareonomics.com.

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