Pilot Point ISD

2015-2016 Health Insurance Plans

(Click on the links to see a detailed Wacasey Equation analysis of each coverage level)


Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)

08-03-15 Metroplex ISD Analysis - Tier 2 - $240 EC

Employee + Family

08-03-15 Metroplex ISD Analysis - Tier 2 - $240 EF


Pilot Point ISD offers the Teacher Retirement System of Texas POS II plans, with the district subsidizing $240 per month, regardless of which plan is chosen.

As can be seen from the spreadsheet, the Active Care 1-HD plans have the lowest premiums (or P), and make the most economic sense from the standpoint of staying well. But what if the insured should suffer a serious illness or injury, and reach their out of pocket maximum (O)? 

With The Wacasey Equation, adding these two variables gives WHAT (W) might be spent on health insurance AND health care during the plan year:

P + O = W 

And in comparing the W for the Active Care 1-HD plans to the other policies, in every single case these lower priced plans offer the best value, both in sickness and in health. In fact, the difference in W‘s is quite significant, and ranges from a low of $1,500 more for the Employee + Family Active Care Select to a high of $7,068 more for the Employee + Spouse Active Care 2.

To see a detailed Wacasey Equation analysis of each coverage level, click on the link above each box.