The Teacher Retirement System of Texas Series

Would YOU ever pay $3,276 extra in health insurance premiums, just to take $1,500 off your deductible? Well thanks to the confusing way in which health insurance is marketed, almost 46,000 Texas teachers did just that in 2015.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and in this series of posts I show how teachers who purchase their health benefits through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) can save lots – and lots – of money on their health insurance. In fact, since starting this series back in 2014 I’ve shown time and again that when it comes to getting health insurance through the TRS system, less can be more. A whole lot more:

    1. Managing Risk, Part 3 – Which Is Better? (2014), where I evaluated the employee benefits of my alma mater, the Birdville Independent School District.
    2. To pay, or not to pay? That is the Question (2014) an analysis of five school districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
    3.  A Guide to DFW Metroplex School Districts’ 2015 Health Insurance (2015), where I analyzed all 64 of the school districts located in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.
    4. Texas Teachers Get Screwed – AGAIN! (2016), a look at the health insurance benefits for Texas educators and school district employees across the entire state.
    5. Texas Teachers & Health Insurance: A Look Back – At What’s To Come (2017), a recap of TRS offerings throughout the state.
    6. The Texas Teachers Health Insurance Roundup (2018)  (NEW!) – Even though there are now limits placed on going for the Gold plans, once again the TRS is sticking it to its members.

What is being done to Texas educators is indefensible, but many other Americans throughout all walks of life get similarly duped when it comes to purchasing health insurance. So the next time you’re shopping for a health insurance plan, use the Dr. W’s Equation app to compare the options, and find a plan that makes the most financial sense.

Today’s high deductibles and out-of-pocket responsibilities mean that patients are now consumers, and if one isn’t careful they can blow through a few thousand dollars on health care services pretty quick. So to see how to save money on all your health-related expenses, check out my book The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care.

It’s not the costs of health care that are outrageous. It’s the charges.