Do The Masses Need Glasses?

 Last night on MSNBC’s All In, Kentucky Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth spoke about the success of Obamacare in his state. “People are finding good, affordable coverage, many for the first times in their lives,” he gushed.

Uhhhhh, and your point is, John? I mean, what’s the big freakin’ deal?

Let’s pretend that eventually every single Kentucky resident gets enrolled, and for the first time in history the entire state will have health insurance. What problems would that solve?

None. Zilch. Zero. Because this crisis is really about affordable health care, not health insurance.

In other words, having a United States of Health Insurance with no affordable health care is like, um, being all dressed up. With no place to go.

Think of it this way: if you’re thirsty, would you rather have a drink of water or an empty glass? You don’t need one to have the other so, which should come first? Well, according to Yarmuth and many of his ilk, without a glass (health insurance) it’s impossible to drink any water (health care).

Which is nonsense. Having glasses might make the act of drinking less messy and more efficient, but they won’t quench your thirst.

Politicians like Yarmuth and others are high-fiving and backslapping each other on their empty achievements. However, when we join them and focus too much on health insurance as the solution to the Great Health Care Dilemma, we lose sight of the real problem.

See, what Yarmuth and his colleagues are really up to is a classic sleight of hand; perpetuating the long-standing, Big Myth of Health Care – that health care is just too costly to be had without health insurance.

So congratulations, Congressman, on making the masses get glasses. Now why not do some real work, and pour everyone a drink?

Making health insurance mandatory will only worsen our health care woes. Elected officials, regulations, and laws hold no water on this issue either – the answer can only come from the free market.

And that will only begin when Americans accept the role health insurance should play in the overall game of health care.

So once the masses finally get their glasses, I wonder if they’ll see that?


Remember, It’s not the COSTS of health care that are outrageous…it’s the CHARGES.

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