My Health Insurance Just Ain’t What It Used To Be…

As I’ve already said a hundred times, it ain’t about the costs. It’s about the charges. For health care, I mean.

“So what?” you may ask. “Who cares about charges? I have health insurance. I just give them my co-pay and my insurance takes care of the rest.”

Not so fast. That may have been the way it was a few years ago but chances are, not anymore. And if this is the way you approach your health benefits, the chances are even greater that you’ll be in for some sticker shock the next time you need a little health “care.”

A health insurance policy means much more than just premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. But most people don’t know the details of their health insurance benefits. Do you? What is your deductible? How much of it have you met for this year? Do you have co-insurance?

Try this: if you can find it, get out your health insurance policy and click here to see the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital’s list of charges for diagnostic tests.

See that little calculator that says “(Click on the calculator to find out more about how much you will owe)?” Well, click away and start plugging in your policy information. You might be surprised.

Now, back to those “costs” of health care. How did they get to be so outrageous, anyway?


It’s not the COSTS of health care that are outrageous…it’s the CHARGES.

Physician. Health Insurance Agent. Author. Health care humorist. Medical satirist. Disruptor. At your service. My name is Kevin Wacasey, and I’ve been practicing medicine since 1994. When I graduated from medical school, I took an oath to do no harm to my patients. To me, that includes financial harm. But since health insurance took over health care over 40 years ago, health care prices have skyrocketed. And despite what we’re told by the media every day, it isn’t the costs of health care that are outrageous; it’s the charges. So if you’ve ever wondered why we spend so much on health insurance and health care, then come along and join me as I explore the crazy world of Healthcareonomics. Health care doesn’t have to be expensive. Let me show you how. For speaking opportunities and to pass along your questions/comments, please email me at

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