Glenn Beck Agrees With Me ;)

NOTE: The profile picture and tweet above were from Thanksgiving Day 2013, when I reached out to Glenn Beck on Twitter and he responded by recommending this blog. Back then my Hconomics twitter handle was just my name, and this blog was still its original title –

How times have changed and yet, some things have stayed the same…


A couple of weeks ago I got tickets to be a part of the audience for the Glenn Beck TV show, and let me say that I got a lot more than I bargained for. After everyone arrived I was surprised when we were met by Glenn himself, who gave us a tour of Mercury Studios. He was funny, personable, and taller than I thought he’d be. But it got even better when we all sat down for the show, and Glenn announced that that particular episode was going to be an unscripted, interactive session between himself and the audience.

Man, I was pumped. I had to think quick about what I would ask him if given the chance, because I’d been trying to have a cozy little chat with Glenn ever since he retweeted this blog (it used to be on Thanksgiving, 2013.

I figured that shoot, if he had agreed with me once, he might do so again. So I sat back and listened as he discussed an upcoming project about Johnny Appleseed, then went into a live commercial about FreedomWorks and the need for a free market health care system. Wow! I knew my time was nigh.

When the show came back from the next commercial break at the midpoint and I saw that Glenn was looking for the next question, my hand shot up. He called on me, and here’s what we discussed over the next few minutes:

So, it turns out that Glenn still agrees with me. And after reviewing his recommended list of their 10 Principles for Repealing Obamacare, it seems that me and the folks at FreedomWorks think alike, too.

There’s only one problem though, and it’s a big one. It involves a mindset that is based on a myth.

See, Glenn was wrong when he said that no free market exists in health care. It does. It’s already here. Because of changes to health insurance. As I said to him directly, if someone has a $1,000, $3,000, or higher deductible then that means they are a health care consumer.

They just don’t know it. And they sure don’t act like it. Most Americans still believe in the Big Myth – that health care is so expensive that it has to be paid for by health insurance. So they over insure themselves out of a misguided fear of health care costs, by buying expensive policies that offer low co-pays and deductibles.

What Glenn doesn’t seem to realize, or the FreedomWorks writers either for that matter, is that the solution to the American health care debacle is already here too. And it doesn’t require Republicans, repeals, or any other legislation (although I’d love to see insurance networks, and all barriers to a free market for health insurance outlawed).

In fact, the solution is elegant, simple, and best of all, free. Because it involves changing the way we think. About health insurance. About health care. About personal responsibility. Just like Glenn said to me during our chat, and I have to say I agree with him 100%.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though, reversing decades worth of brainwashing and making people understand the part they play. But when almost 20% of an average American household’s income is spent each year on something – health insurance – that should almost never be used, I’d say there’s plenty of minds that need changin’.

Which is the toughest part. But it doesn’t have to be, and I call upon Glenn Beck, FreedomWorks, and anyone else interested in avoiding a single-payer, government-controlled health care system, to make a concerted effort to get it right, and help me get the word out. Simply changing people’s minds will give them the power to create a free market health care system that will result in lower prices, better service, and more – much more – access to care for everyone.

Before it’s too late.

Physician. Health Insurance Agent. Author. Health care humorist. Medical satirist. Disruptor. At your service. My name is Kevin Wacasey, and I’ve been practicing medicine since 1994. When I graduated from medical school, I took an oath to do no harm to my patients. To me, that includes financial harm. But since health insurance took over health care over 40 years ago, health care prices have skyrocketed. And despite what we’re told by the media every day, it isn’t the costs of health care that are outrageous; it’s the charges. So if you’ve ever wondered why we spend so much on health insurance and health care, then come along and join me as I explore the crazy world of Healthcareonomics. Health care doesn’t have to be expensive. Let me show you how. For speaking opportunities and to pass along your questions/comments, please email me at

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  1. George Holland

    I have been following Dr Wacasey for about 2 years. I have rebuilt my agency web site around his philosophy.

  2. John Bonham

    I totally agree Kevin, great work.

  3. Thanks Kevin Wacasey MD for pushing us forward.

    An interview recently done discussed what we’re trying to accomplish locally.

    Ray Kordonowy MD

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