Healthcareonomics 101:

Healthcareonomics (noun):

the study of how normal economic forces get twisted, warped, and broken when applied to the American health care system. 

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Dr. Kevin Wacasey is no ordinary doctor. Plain-spoken, fed up, and itching to change health care – and health insurance. In this book he brings his experience and sharp wit to bear on two of the most misunderstood facets of the average American’s life.

’The biggest problem with the American health care industry, is the American health insurance industry.’

This collection of 500 short yet provocative lessons will tickle your ribs until your belly hurts – all while stimulating your brain.

‘HEALTHCAREONOMICS 101: A $12,000 deductible means that now you have to pay for your health care. Because your health insurance won’t. ANY QUESTIONS?’

Forget what you thought you knew and come explore the wacky worlds of health insurance, and health care with Dr. Wacasey. You’ve never laughed so hard during a course as you will, when you sign up for HEALTHCAREONOMICS 101.