Healthcareonomics (noun):

The study of how normal economic forces get twisted, warped, and broken when applied to the American health care system. 

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“The biggest problem with the American health care industry, is the American health insurance industry.”

That sums up the way Dr. Kevin Wacasey feels about what he calls The Great American Health Care Fiasco. And in his latest book HEALTHCAREONOMICS he brings his experience and sharp wit to bear on the two most misunderstood industries in the U.S. today: health care, and health insurance.

Dr. Wacasey is no ordinary physician. Plain-spoken, fed up, and not afraid to take on the system, here he presents a collection of 1,000 aphorisms, witticisms, and short stories that will tickle your ribs until your belly hurts – all while stimulating your brain.

“You wouldn’t let your health insurance company pick what goes on your pizza. So why do you let them pick which doctors you can see?”

So forget what you thought you knew about health insurance and health care, and come explore the world of HEALTHCAREONOMICS. You’ve never laughed so hard while learning, promise!