The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care

Let a physician – who’s also a health insurance agent – show you how to pick the best plan, and save money on health care.

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The health insurance industry is changing…

These days your health insurance premiums may be as much as your mortgage, but that doesn’t mean your plan covers you like it used to. You may still have a $20 copay, but the average deductible is now over $2,000. Which means that sooner or later you – and not your health insurance – will have to pay for most, if not all of your health care.

So you can spend thousands of dollars a year to have a high deductible health insurance policy that you’ll most likely never get to use. Or even worse, you can pay thousands more to have a plan that looks like it gives you a higher level of protection against health care costs, when it really doesn’t.

In this book Dr. Kevin Wacasey cuts through the complexity of buying health insurance by revealing the dirty marketing tricks used to sell it, and shows you how spending more on Silver and Gold plans that supposedly have “better” coverage often ends up costing more than you could ever save.

Dr. Wacasey then takes you along as he shops for a health insurance plan and, by using a simple formula to compare ten different scenarios (pulled straight from demonstrates that in all ten cases the Bronze plan will end up saving the consumer the most money – both in sickness, and in health.

Finally, Dr. Wacasey reveals some of the real, affordable “costs” of health care, and offers tips on how patients can save money on everything from ambulances to operations.

Individuals, business owners, and anyone else who pays for health insurance – or for health care – will find Dr. Wacasey’s book invaluable, as he shows how you can save lots of money – yet receive better care than ever before – in the first, truly consumer-driven health care system our country has ever known.

As  Dr. Wacasey says, “when it comes to the outrageous prices of health care, and the outrageous premiums of health insurance, the only thing that is going to make these industries change their behavior, is if you change your behavior.”

Kevin Wacasey, M.D. is a physician who owns the Colleyville Medical Clinic in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (, where he does not file any form of health insurance. Check out the rest of his blog at, where he discusses changes in health insurance and health care. Although he is a licensed health insurance agent, Dr. Wacasey does not sell health insurance.