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05-23-16 Post Meet Martin The Martyr

Meet Martin – The Martyr

Poor Martin Shkreli. His last name aside (and I thought mine was bad), the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals just cannot catch a break. These days everyone it seems – HIV patients, politicians, even a group of witches – have his picture on their dartboards. Journalists especially have had a field day with his sensational decision to jack up the price of Turing’s drug Daraprim by almost 4,500%: “His aim…was to exploit an existing monopoly and make millions before competitors could enter the market.” Ok, and your point is? I mean, what kind of CEO wouldn’t want to capitalize on their unique position in the marketplace? A CEO at
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The Forest? Or The Trees…

I was saddened to hear that one of my favorite Libertarians, the wonderful journalist John Stossel, has taken ill. True to form however, he’s taking it in stride (he nonchalantly quipped “seems I have lung cancer”), and I want to take this opportunity to wish him very well indeed. I enjoy his reporting and writing, and have learned a great deal from Mr. Stossel over the years. But that doesn’t mean he’s always right. In a great piece about his recent diagnosis and workup at one of America’s “premier” hospitals, Stossel goes to great lengths to praise the quality of medical care he’s received throughout his
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It’s time that everyone have a stake in the health insurance game, and recipients of employer-funded programs are no exception. But it’s going to take a seismic shift in attitude from employees who enjoy such perks. Which won’t be easy, given how ingrained is the idea of comprehensive health benefits as a part of one’s overall compensation package. I have five words for workers who still enjoy so-called “Gold” health insurance plans paid for by their employers – Enjoy That While It Lasts.   Recently I had the opportunity to sit down to an early dinner with a woman who works as an
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A Guide to DFW Metroplex School Districts’ 2015 Health Insurance

The cover of the 2015 Scott & White Health HMO Plan’s Summary of Benefits asks ‘Who thinks school employees should get lower health insurance deductibles?’ To put it bluntly – not I. Please don’t think me cruel, but I happen to know that deductibles are just marketing tools used by health insurers to sell lucrative policies to folks. A lot of them. Don’t believe me? Would you spend $3,276 more in premiums, just to take $1,500 off your deductible? How about $6,768 more in premiums, just to save $2,000 in deductible? No way? Well, It happens every day, and I would wager it’s happening right now, too because once again, hundreds of
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The Texas Senate Has No Heart

Last month House Bill 767, that would have required electrocardiogram (ECG) screenings in Texas students participating in UIL athletic activities, was passed by the Texas House and sent to the Senate for consideration. Today, five Republican Senators from the Senate Education Committee voted to kill the bill. The Dallas Morning News recently published two pieces that attacked the bill. The first was a May 11 article by sports writer Corbett Smith, and on May 15 the paper printed an editorial imploring lawmakers to “follow science, not emotion,” and to not pass a law designed to mitigate risk and save lives. To support the bill, I wrote the following rebuttal
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A Matter of the Heart

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives Public Education Committee voted unanimously to pass a bill requiring students to undergo EKG screenings before participating in UIL events, The bill leaves the burden of paying for the testing up to the parents, and under our current system an EKG can cost hundreds of dollars. But how much does an EKG really “cost,” anyway?  Adapted from my upcoming book, Your Money AND Your Life, or American Healthcareonomics: “THAT one, Daddy,” said my daughter, pointing to a glossy black, ultramodern bedroom set. I didn’t agree with her choice, but it was her 12th birthday and for months, she had complained about the embarrassing
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Glenn Beck Agrees With Me ;)

A couple of weeks ago I got tickets to be a part of the audience for the Glenn Beck TV show, and let me say that I got a lot more than I bargained for. After everyone arrived I was surprised when we were met by Glenn himself, who gave us a tour of Mercury Studios. He was funny, personable, and taller than I thought he’d be. But it got even better when we all sat down for the show, and Glenn announced that that particular episode was going to be an unscripted, interactive session between himself and the audience. Man, I
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Would You Trust This Guy?

Recently I searched YouTube for “health insurance,” and this video popped up near the top of the list. Meet Joe Simonds (rhymes with diamonds): author, digital marketing maverick, and guru of the Retirement Think Tank. Now I’m sure Joe knows a thing or two about how to save for the golden years, but early on in his presentation he proves that he doesn’t know much about health insurance – after just 4 seconds he says he’s talking “about healthcare, or Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it.” It’s health insurance, Joe. You’re talking about health insurance. Anyway, the message Joe wants to send his viewers
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Gruber the Goober – ObamaCare Architect Thinks Voters are Stupid…

Jonathan Gruber is an MIT Economist who was paid $400,000 for his help in designing ObamaCare. Recently, a couple of videos were posted of him calling American voters “stupid.” This isn’t the first time he’s insulted a group of (not so stupid after all) people.  Here’s a clip I found of “him” as a grad student back in the 80’s:
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doctor piggybank

Trick? or Treat?

Sara Horowitz is a “genius.” Oh, don’t take my word for it; she was awarded that title, as well as a grant, by the MacArthur Foundation in 1999. She’s received all kinds of awards and been placed on various lists of up and comers since then. And in a couple of recent articles from Slate and Forbes, her accomplishments are laid out very nicely. So how did she earn such accolade? For starters, in 2003 she formed a non-profit organization for disenfranchised workers who are given a paycheck, but no other job-related benefits. Her motivation for doing so came when
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