Proof of Death:


Hold On, Mr. President-Elect!

THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF in town, and his name is Donald Trump. No matter what you may think of his history, attitude, or behavior, one thing is for sure – he’s a total political outsider
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Let’s Do The Numbers…

Well, it’s November 1st, and you know what that means. It’s that time of the year again, when the so-called “Open Enrollment” period for buying next year’s health insurance plans begins. To celebrate, I thought
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05-23-16 Post Meet Martin The Martyr

Meet Martin – The Martyr

Poor Martin Shkreli. His last name aside (and I thought mine was bad), the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals just cannot catch a break. These days everyone it seems – HIV patients, politicians, even a group of witches – have
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2015-05-23 Broken Heart

The Texas Senate Has No Heart

Tweet Share Last month House Bill 767, that would have required electrocardiogram (ECG) screenings in Texas students participating in UIL athletic activities, was passed by the Texas House and sent to the Senate for consideration. Today, five Republican Senators
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2015-03-30 Elderly Hands Making A Heart

A Matter of the Heart

Tweet Share Last week, the Texas House of Representatives Public Education Committee voted unanimously to pass a bill requiring students to undergo EKG screenings before participating in UIL events, The bill leaves the burden of paying for
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Say It Ain’t So, Joe. Please.

Share Tweet Recently I searched YouTube for “health insurance,” and this video popped up near the top of the list. Meet Joe Simonds (rhymes with diamonds): author, digital marketing maverick, and guru of the Retirement Think Tank.
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Skeleton & Jack o Lantern Grinning

Trick? or Treat?

Sara Horowitz is a “genius.” Oh, don’t take my word for it; she was awarded that title, as well as a grant, by the MacArthur Foundation in 1999. She’s received all kinds of awards and
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2014-09-12 Obamacare - Metal Levels

The Good, The Bad, and The Bronze

Ahhhh, marketing. A good definition of marketing can be found at Wikipedia: “the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.” Actually
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Affordable Health Insurance?!?

Affordable health insurance?!?  In keeping with the Texas educators theme, last fall I spoke with a local high school teacher who told me that she and her high school coach husband were paying $1,540 a
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Why Health Care Is So…Chargely

Last post I detailed the enormous amount a woman was charged at a Dallas ER for a simple cough.   Costs? Hardly. It’s all about them charges. In fact, a more accurate description would be
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